Wednesday: Happy Pinning!

19 Sep

The windows are open and the cool breeze of fall is filling my room. Yes, autumn is here! Check out my favorite fall pins!

Tweed and leather: a perfect combo for fall! Can’t wait to pull out my blazers!

Scarfs and riding boots are must haves for the season!

Can you every have too many riding boots?

Pumpkin fluff dip with chocolate cookies! Yum!

Root beer floats for summer, pumpkin floats for fall!

Definitely need to make these for the office one morning!


Candy corn in hurricane vases. Would look great on a mantel or on book shelves.

A preppy pumpkin!


What pins get your excited for fall? Share your autumn related pins!

Thursday: the Best of YouTube

13 Sep

ESPN does a great job of getting people to talk. Sure, they have quality programming and reporting. But they really get people talking with their advertising and marketing. This week’s YouTube sensation is a prime example of how their smart, clever, and humorous advertising grabs people’s attention. They have a strong understanding of their brand, their voice, and their audience. Year after year, they roll out marketing elements and advertisements that stick to their brand and voice but also entertain and please their audience. More companies should follow suit!

The latest “This is Sportscenter” commerical is another hit for ESPN. Their smart yet fun marketing strategy continues to promote the brand and to ensure that the sports giant remains at the forefront of the sports world and of pop culture.

What do you think of ESPN’s advertisements? How would you assess their marketing strategy?


Tuesday: Tumblr

11 Sep

So I have succumb! I have made my own Tumblr page. As you are well aware, I love all things preppy. Thus, I decided to devote a Tumblr blog to my favorite preppy items. So far the posts contain pictures of my preppy outfits, but I hope to branch out to other subjects. I am not concerned about promoting it and getting lots of reblogs. Really, this is a page for me to document and to collect my favorite preppy items. Whether you are a fellow prep or just a fanatic Tumblr, I hope you will check it out.


Check out my Tumblr “Prep in the City.”

Stay tuned for next week’s post when I’ll be reviewing some iPhone apps devoted to photography and to making your Tumblr standout.

Monday: Headlines

10 Sep

I apologize for my absence! The last week has been crazy, but don’t worry I’ve got your Monday Headlines for you!

Several stories about hackers out there. I find these stories very disturbing. I have so much information online. I love social media, but I do worry about sharing too much or someone stealing my identity.

Exclusive: The real source of Apple device IDs leaked by Anonymous last week

GoDaddy says sites are down; hacker claims responsibility 

What are your concerns? Do you worry about hackers?

Another advancement in online shopping.

You’ll Soon Be Able to Buy Physical Goods via Amazon Apps

Finally, a story about the power of Facebook ads

Facebook Ad Reunites Man With His Cat

What headlines are you paying attention to today?

Thursday: the Best of YouTube

30 Aug

My sister, Katie, and I with our Shetland Sheepdogs, Finnegan, Teddy Roosevelt, and Lilly, this past Christmas


It’s just me and my dogs this weekend. In honor of my beloved pups, here’s 10 adorable family dogs. Need more cuteness? Add some laughing, cuddly babies. How could you not love these videos?

10 Infectious YouTube Clips of Babies Laughing At Dogs

What are your favorite dog videos?

Wednesday: Happy Pinning!

29 Aug

My boyfriend and my anniversary is in less than a month. Recently, he asked me what I wanted. Naturally, I pointed him to my Pinterest board entitled “Wish List.” Pinterest once again proves to be practical! Instead of trying to keep a list throughout the year, I just use my Pinterest board. With the “Pin It” button on my web browser, I can instantly pin anything I see on other websites. Thus, I have a running wish list and my boyfriend always knows what to get me to keep me happy! ­čśë

Here are some of my top pins:


Can you tell I love all things preppy? Feel free to check out my entire board. I hope it inspires your wish list!

What Pins are on your wish list?

Tuesday: Tumblr

28 Aug

Tumblr has me ready for fall. Are you?

October Glory shows us the beautiful “colors of life.”

What are your favorite fall photos from Tumblr?