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Friday: Favorite Tweets of the Week

29 Jun

Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy this weeks tweets. Many of them contain links to useful social media articles.



What useful social media articles did you find this week?


Thursday: the Best of YouTube

28 Jun

I am not an athlete. I try. I play tennis. I run. I do the workouts on the Nike Training Club app. But I am not an athlete. However, I am a huge sports fan. In sixth grade, I had a crush on a boy, Austin. He was your typical six grade boy: played soccer, loved football, wore a jersey everyday. Since I had no athletic ability, I needed another way to grab his attention. So I become a sports expert. If I couldn’t play sports with him, then I would talk sports with him. It worked…well, kinda. I got his attention, but my crush soon wore off. Still, I am thankful for my sixth grade crush. While my father and mother had tried to get me to enjoy sports, it was not until Austin did I discover my love for the sports world. It is a world that has become a major part of my life. Even at age 22, I fall asleep listening to ESPN radio. Even as an adult, I cry when my team loses a big game. Even as a college graduate, I carry out rituals to ensure a win. I am a sports fanatic.

With my parents at an Ohio State football game this past fall. My father is one of a number of relatives who graduated from The Ohio State University. Additionally, his father, Bill First, played for the famous Woody Hayes at Miami (OH) University. I guess you could say I was born to be a Buckeye!

Yet, I wonder if my love for the sports world would have been possible before 1972. Before 1972, women’s involvement in sports was fairly rare. Women athletes were not prominent. Female sports journalist almost non-existent. Sports were for men, not for women. That all changed on June 23, 1972. On that day 30 years ago, Title IX went into effect. Sports became an even playing field for men and women. As a woman born in 1990, I am spoiled. I do not know the struggle it was to get Title IX passed nor do I know the struggle it was in its early years to gain respect. I have always known women to be apart of the sports world. Recently, as the 30th anniversary of Title IX was being celebrated, I was reminded of the women who endured that battle. It is socially acceptable for me to love sports because of them. I get to cheer on female athletes everyday because of them. I read sports columns from female sports writers because of them. To those women, thank you!

I was lucky enough to be apart of WGRE 91.5 FM broadcast team for the 116th Monon Bell Classic. The Monon Bell Classic pits my alma mater, DePauw University, against our arch rival, Wabash College. The winner of the game receives the prized Monon Bell. To read more about the rivalry, visit

In honor of those women, Nike released this commercial, entitled “Voices.” When I saw it last week while watching SportsCenter, a few tears came to my eyes. It is a fitting tribute to the female pioneers of Title IX and women’s presence in sports. I applaud Nike for the commercial’s creativity and authenticity. Nicely done!

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Title IX, Nike produced this commercial, entitled “Voices.”

What was your reaction to the commercial? Feel free to share any other ads of videos that celebrated 30 years of Title IX.

Breaking News: More Google on Your iPhone

28 Jun

According to Wired, “you can synchronize files stored on your Chrome OS and iOS devices with GDrive.” The news is great for Google users who also own an iPhone. For people like me, this means simplification! Read the full article to get more details about this exciting news. 

How do you think Apple will react? Does this give Google an edge?

Wednesday: Happy Pinning!

27 Jun

Pinterest is still fairly new for social media marketers. Marketers are still trying to figure out if their business should be on Pinterest and if so, how they can use Pinterest to market their company. Just this week, published an infographic to describe who is on Pinterest. The data comes from Modea, a digital media agency. The infograph as well as the data could help marketers better understand Pinterest and better understand its users.

The infographic displays detailed information about Pinterest users. To view the complete article, “Who’s Using Pinterest Anyway,” click the graphic.

As a lover of Pinterest, I was intrigued. I wanted to see if the data applied to me. Most of the information does apply. I shop at Kroger, my cell phone provider is Verizon, and I prefer to watch football. However, it should not be surprising that most of the data applies to me. Pinterest is extremely popular among my demographic: college age, females. While I found many of the details of the infograph interesting, I do not think it is all that shocking. This information should be fairly obvious to marketers. Just look at the pins and who is using the pins. There are ton of pins for recipes, DIY, home decor, and fashion – all popular topics among females. If marketers want to use Pinterest, they do need to know its users. Yet, they should be prepared to market mostly to females, many of whom are college age and up. Personally, I think many companies should be on Pinterest. If your business is not, use this data to start learning more about its users. And, as I said before, get ready to market to females.

What are your thoughts on the infographic? Do you agree that much of the data describes females, specifically college age females? As a business owner or a marketer, how do you use Pinterest to meet your business goals?

Tuesday: Tumblr

26 Jun

I have succumb to another social media site. Yes, I know. I should really stop signing up for social media sites. But I can’t help it! I have an addiction! This time it is Tumblr. Last week I gave a brief overview of the social media site, and today I officially signed up for it. I am not sure if I will start my own Tumblr; however, I am looking forward to exploring the site even more. More importantly, you all will reap the benefits of my addiction as I will be sharing my new finds with you.

Really, my boredom is to blame for me signing up for yet another social media site. After finishing up some work, I decided to take a break. I began watching BravoTV, only to realize that I had already seen the episode. I picked up my phone to check my Twitter feed. Someone had shared a Tumblr picture. I started looking through Tumblr’s mobile website. I soon became frustrated trying to navigate Tumblr on Safair, so I opened the App Store and downloaded the Tumblr app. Once the app was loaded, I began browsing the pictures on the homepage. As I scrolled through the photos, a neon pink ice cream cone caught my eye. My sweet tooth took over, and I clicked on the photo. My taste buds began to water as all of the photos from “-looksdelicious!” came on the screen.

The Tumblr blog “-looksdelicious!” features colorful photographs of delectable food. Be warned! After viewing this blog, your stomach is sure to be grumbling!

“-looksdelicious” features pictures of various yummy foods. For a foodie like me, this is a great find! While the images do not come with recipes, cooks can gain inspiration from the pictures. For example, one of the photos shows a twist on an Oreo cookie sandwich: two oreo cookies with pink (perhaps cherry or strawberry) frosting in between them. Additionally, the pictures showcase different ways to plate food. One photo shows chocolate dipped pretzels hanging from a necklace stand. This is a big bonus for amateur chefs who are looking for creative ways to present their dishes. Ultimately, this blog is about showcasing artistic photographs of food. If you enjoy experimenting with food or tasting new foods, you need to check out “-looksdelicious!” Although if you are on a diet or if you have an empty stomach, I would steer clear – this blog will only make your mouth water! Happy Tumbling!

Which is your favorite photo from “-looksdelicious!”?

Monday: Headlines

25 Jun

Hello and welcome to another week! Here are the headlines from that caught my attention today.

“T-Mobile’s Plans for LTE Get a Big Boost From Verizon”

T-Mobile has bought spectrum, which are essential to all cell phone services and regulated by the FCC, from Verizon. Reporter Peter Pachal writes that this acquisition will allow T-Mobile to launch LTE, a 4G nationwide service. The move allows T-Mobile to compete with Verizon and AT&T who already “have operational nationwide LTE networks.” It sounds like a smart move on T-Mobile’s part. They must make these deals to continue to compete with Verizon and AT&T, the top two cell phone carriers. However, T-Mobile will also have to provide high tech and social cell phones. Verizon and AT&T both offer a nationwide network as well as the beloved iPhone. This combination has led to great success for the two companies. T-Mobile has a long way to go before they can surpass the top tier.

What’s your assessment? Will T-Mobile ever be able to surpass AT&T or Verizon?

“Instagram Gets First Major Update After Facebook Acquisition”  

Facebook bought Instagram (Instagram is an iPhone app that allows users to take pictures and then put a filter over the photo. There are a variety of filters. The filters can make enhance the color of the photo or give it an antique finish) this past spring. It was a big deal (it cost Facebook over a $1 billion) and social media junkies have been anxiously waiting to see how Facebook would transform Instagram. The article provides a positive review of the changes, which include a new home screen. Perhaps the most notable change is how the app works with your iPhone’s camera roll. Chris Taylor says that choosing photos from your camera roll to use on Instagram “is no longer a two-click operation. If you tap and hold the camera button, you’ll go straight there.” While I do not use instagram too often, I am excited to try out the new version.

Have you tried the new version of Instagram? Share your review!

“Yelp Check-Ins Coming to iPhone Maps App”

According to Lauren Indvick, “iPhone users will soon be able to notify their friends of their whereabouts directly from the Maps application using Yelp’s check-in functionality.” As Indvick notes, this is a major threat to FourSquare, another app that allows users to check-in at restaurants, venues, etc. iPhone’s integration of Yelp makes checking-in even easier. Therefore, it is likely to surpass Foursquare in terms of popularity. Only time will tell, but this is definitely a story to keep an eye on.

Which do you prefer: Yelp or FourSquare?

That’s all I have for today. Feel free to share your favorite social media and technology headlines by leaving a comment below.

Friday: Favorite Tweets of the Week

22 Jun

Twitter is a great source of information. As I continue to learn about marketing, I turn to various experts on Twitter for useful articles. This week I’ve decided to share some of their helpful Tweets as well as some entertaining Tweets. Have a great weekend!

Who do you follow on Twitter to get information?