Friday: Favorite Tweets of the Week

15 Jun

Happy Friday everyone! 

Just about a year ago, I began tweeting. I had been hesitant about the social media platform. Like many, I did not fully understand the purposeful. However, I now use it as much if not more than Facebook. It is my go to information source. Sure I can see my friends’ tweets. But more than anything I use Twitter to see what’s going on in the world. Just this week Twitter was my source for the Miley Cyrus engagement news. Don’t get me wrong. I still use and enjoy Facebook. Yet, Twitter is definitely my top social media site at this point in time. Thus, I have decided to end the week with my favorite tweets from this week. Some are from social media experts, some from information-based accounts, and some from my friends. If you would like to view all of my retweets or favorited tweets, be sure to follow me @lucylang1st. 





Guess I need to become like Tarzan.


Aw, the pains of growing old. 


Inspiring quote for a young woman like myself. Check out @ErinCondren! She’s got an amazing organizational product. 


Another great fact from ESPN! Plus it gives me a chance to say GO OKC! BOOO LEBRON! 


Who doesn’t love a good Disney tweet?!


Sports fans will appreciate this. Follow @JayBilas for humorous sports-related tweets. 


Courtesy of my college friend, Kevin, an exclusive view into the minds of a recently employed college grad.


A tweet from another one of my college friends, Maira. She has a way of making me thinking seriously about something ridiculous.

What are your favorite tweets from this week? What are your #FFs?


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