Culture, Branding & Marketing

16 Jun

I normally don’t share items on Saturdays, but I am making an exception. I recently watched the webinar, “Let Your Culture Inspire Your Brand,” from the Columbus Chamber of Commerce. Marketing, whether it’s social media marketing or not, is based off branding. It’s so important to understand the brand and believe in the brand that you are marketing. The webinar helps companies learn how to create a strong culture and how to reflect culture in their external branding. I think the latter is particularly notably for anyone in the marketing industry. As marketers and creators of brands, we need to assist in establishing a strong internal culture and of course assist in communicating the internal culture to the outside world. I am a big believer in company culture. Company culture is definitely something that I consider when looking at jobs. Plus, a positive and strong company culture is more fun to market ;). Have a great Saturday and enjoy the webinar!


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