Tuesday: Tumblr

19 Jun

Some of you may be wondering what is “Tumblr”? Thus, I thought I would devote my first Tumblr Tuesday post to exploring the up and coming social media site. Tumblr is similar to a blog. Creators typically post an original caption with a borrowed video or television clip. Some creators post pictures with their captions. Creators establish a theme for their Tumblr, such as dogs or clothing. The intent behind each Tumblr varies depending on who is operating the micro-blog. Some Tumblrs are used to showcase art portfolios, some are used to provide a laugh, and others are used to gather design ideas. Thus, you can explore Tumblr based off your interests. To learn more about Tumblr, check out this beginner’s guide from Mashable.com

I first encountered Tumblr this spring. As senioritis over took DePauw’s campus, Tumblr surpassed Pinterest and StumbleUpon as popular forms of procrastination. Every time I logged onto Facebook, someone had shared a Tumblr blog or photo. All of them provided a source of entertainment. I have not yet created a Tumblr, as I am still deciding on a good theme. But I still enjoy browsing the site and seeing what people come up with. From here on out, I will share the best Tumblrs I come across. Feel free to share your favorite Tumblrs, too.

I would highly encourage you to explore the site. You do not have to sign up to view posts. If you need a place to start, look at blogs you have subscribed to and see if they have a quick link to their Tumblr. You can also search topics or tags on the Tumblr homepage. I hope you found this post helpful. Until next Tuesday, happy tumbling!

What are your reviews of Tumblr? What are your favorite Tumblrs?


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