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Tuesday: Tumblr

31 Jul

Explore the Olympics Tumblr style!

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Monday: Headlines

30 Jul

Hello all! I am back after a wonderful vacation in North Carolina. It will be a busy week as I am starting my new job. As such, I am going to share only one article with you this Monday. My boss forwarded me this article, and I thought it was particularly timely. Several Olympic athletes have come under fire (just this weekend Hope Solo became caught in a Twitter controversy) or have been dismissed for improper social media use.

Social-Media Olympics: Are Officials Restricting Free Speech?

While I do believe in free speech, I understand the various Olympic Committees’ decisions to dismiss athletes. These athletes are ambassadors and representatives of their home countries. They should act as such. You may say this is a high standard, but we hold our government officials and leaders to the same expectations. And over the course of these 2 weeks, these athletes will receive more attention and hold more power than many of those same government officials. Thus, I respect the decision to dismiss athletes for improper social media conduct. However, it is a slippery slope. We must continue to protect our freedom of speech and freedom of expression. Without it, there would be no social media, no marketing or communications jobs, and, of course, no democracy.

Do you agree with the Olympic Committees’ decisions? Why or why not?

To the Beach

21 Jul

The view from our house on Emerald Isle. I have been going to the island with my father’s family for 22 years.


Starting today I am at my favorite place on earth, Emerald Isle, North Carolina. While in my little piece of paradise, I won’t be posting. However, follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for all your social media news and updates from my family beach vacation.

Enjoy your week!

Friday: Favorite Tweets of the Week

20 Jul

Lots of great social media articles this week to share with you all.











What are your favorite Tweets this week?

Thursday: the Best of YouTube

19 Jul

Sorry for the quick post tonight, but I am in the middle of packing. Anyway, I saw this video on NBC Nightly News last night. I love dogs, and so this video hit home. I wish there were more videos of people helping people and doing the right thing. Hope you enjoy the video, and if you are a dog lover, be prepared to tear up.

Warning: this video will make you cry

What are your favorite heartwarming videos?

Wednesday: Happy Pinning!

18 Jul

Pinterest solves a lot of life’s issues. What should I make for dinner? Pinterest to the rescue! How should I decorate my living room? Pinterest to the rescue! What should I wear to work today? Pinterest to the rescue! Yes, Pinterest is a life-saver. This past winter they saved me by helping me come up with a gift. My boyfriend’s parents have a wonderful lake house. Over the last few years, I have spent a great deal of time at the house. It is a place they love, and a place I have come to love. Thus, I try to get them a gift for the lake every year. Last Christmas, I was having a terrible time coming up with a lake-related gift. But Pinterest came to my rescue. I came across a sign for a lake house (sorry I cannot find the original posting). It had the lake’s name with the coordinates underneath it. It was the perfect gift! After lots of shopping, painting, and hammering, the sign was finished. My boyfriend was very impressed with the finished product (He was most impressed with the fact that I used power tools). This summer when I visited the lake I was pleased to find the sign mounted on the back deck for everyone to see. Thank you, Pinterest, for the stroke of inspiration! You earned me a great deal of brownie points.

From Pinterespiration to finished product.

What crafts have you found on Pinterest? How have these crafts rescued you?

Tuesday: Tumblr

17 Jul

Today’s post combines Tumblr and Instagram. Many people use Instagram to enhance their photos before posting them to Tumblr. Both photo-based social media sites are great for bloggers and marketers. I am slowly but surely falling in love with Instagram (to follow me search “lucylfirst”). It makes my life so much easier. I take lots of pictures for clients and can turn them into professional looking ones in no time. Instagram takes my Facebook and Twitter content to a new level.

Since Tumblr and Instagram are becoming increasing necessities in our social lives, I thought I would share these articles from

7 Photos Editing Apps to Use With Instagram

5 iPhone Apps for Better Photos and Videos

I have not tried any of these out for myself. However, I will be testing them over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for my reviews.

What are your reviews of these apps? What other apps do you use to edit your photos?