Friday: Favorite Tweets of the Week

13 Jul

This week’s edition of “Friday: Favorite Tweets of the Week” is not meant to be uplifting or entertaining. Yesterday, former FBI director, Louis Freeh, released the report on what went wrong at Penn State University in regards to the Jerry Sandusky situation. When the report came out, news outlets, radio stations, and the internet exploded. Everyone was talking about it. Of course, many took to Twitter to provide their opinion. I wanted to share some Tweets with you for two reasons. First, the Tweets regarding this news story show the important role social media plays in our society. Everyone was able to voice their opinions, and everyone was able to participate in the on-going discussions. I am continually amazed at how a new story’s significane is amplified by social media and how new story’s become international stories within seconds. Second, this is a horrific situation that should be discussed. We must continue to talk about this story to make sure this does not happen anywhere else ever again. I feel sorry for the faculty, staff, alumni, students, and community members of Penn St. I cannot imagine going through this turmoil. But more importantly my heart goes out to the victims.

What was your reaction to this story after reading the Tweets? Did the Tweets change your opinion of the Penn St. situation?


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