Wednesday: Happy Pinning!

1 Aug

Happy Wednesday everyone! I apologize again for the short posts this week. I promise I will return to full form next week once I’m more adjusted to my new schedule. Well, enough of my excuses! Keeping with the Olympic theme (can you tell I’m an Olympic junkie?) I have a task for you. Follow these simple steps to get the Pinterest perspective on the Olympics.

1) Login to your Pinterest account.

2) Search “Olympics.” Make sure you search pins, not boards or people (interestingly enough I could not find an official London Olympics Pinterest account).

3) Start exploring!

Pinners have pinned a multitude of photos, posters, infographics, articles, videos, and more. It’s a great way to experience the Olympics through the eyes of the general public. I saw a lot of photos and articles that I had missed on Twiiter and on the news. I hope you enjoy your Wednesday homework assignment. I’m signing off as I have an early morning. Happy Pinning!

What’s your favorite pin from this search?


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