Tuesday: Tumblr

7 Aug

Good evening everyone! I wanted to find some new Tumblr blogs to follow, so I took to Google and found “The Top 25 Tumblr.com Blogs.” While the article is from 2010, I did enjoy many of the blogs on the list. Over the coming weeks I’ll be reviewing and sharing the blogs on the “Tuesday: Tumblr” post.

As I looked over the list, the Tumblr blog “Clients From Hell” immediately caught my attention. My family owns a small business, and my parents are always coming home with stories about customers. Now that I am dealing with clients on a day-to-day basis, I understand their frustrations. However, the stories in this Tumblr blog are unlike any I’ve heard. These hellish clients make me feel very fortunate for all of the clients I’ve dealt with thus far.

I like the humor of the blog. It’s a relatable topic to a wide variety of people. Thus, the blog does a good job of uniting people. Additionally, the blog offers people the chance to interact, share, and win prizes. There is lots of potential for engagement. However, I do wish the blog had more pictures, like the one featured below. To me, such pictures define Tumblr blogs and tend to catch people’s attention much more than just text. Still, I enjoyed the blog, and ultimately, I decided to follow it. I am looking forward to reading more, and I hope I never have such stories to share.

“Clients From Hell” shares real stories about the pains of dealing with clients on a day-to-day basis.

What do you think of the blog? What client stories would you share?


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