Wednesday: Happy Pinning!

8 Aug

Happy Wednesday! So I need your help! I am currently working on revising and re-organizing a client’s Pinterest account. As I have been going through the process, I’ve had a difficult time balancing the personality of the company and brand with the personality that Pinterest users have come to expect. The company wants to increase their sales numbers and increase brand awareness through social media. But Pinterest does work like that. Pinterest is about sharing ideas. So how do I accomplish my client’s business goals while properly engaging in Pinterest? Also, the company has an authoritative and professional voice while Pinterest has a light-hearted, fun, and, at times witty voice. So how to I stay true to my client’s persona while using the voice Pinterest users have come to expect?

These are the difficult questions marketers are dealing with when it comes to social media. There is no one right answer. Thus, I will have to find what works for my client. After all, it is my job, and what a fun and challenging job it is!

Happy Pinning!


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