About Lucy Lang First

With an insatiable appetite for social media and marketing, I work to grow your business into a household name. No matter how many hours and days it may take, I research, write, and perfect a social media marketing strategy that will fit your business’ needs.


My parents instilled in me a love of learning. Thus, when I start building any marketing plan, I begin by researching the product or service. To get to know the company inside and out, I review past campaigns as well as  talk to my fellow employees and get their perspective. Additionally, I view competitors’ marketing campaigns and top brands. Research is also key to stay on top of the ever-changing social media landscape. I spend a great deal of time attending webinars and reading articles to learn about new innovations in the field of social media.


Writing allows me to be creative. Once I have a solid understanding of the product or service, I begin the writing process. I want to create content that is eye-catching, memorable and informative. I believe I can always improve my writing. Therefore, I read…a lot! I read everything from fiction to non-fiction to the newspaper to Mashable articles. The more I read, the more ideas I get, and the better my writing becomes. Please view my social media portfolio for some of my writing samples.


When building a strategy, my main goal is to tell our story in an effective and creative way. Implementing our social media strategy should be a team effort. The entire company or organization should understand why we need social media and how we are using social media to meet our goals. Feedback is key to a successful strategy. I like to use analytical tools, such as Google analytics, to get quantitive information. I also like to talk to our team and to our customers to get their opinions. Tweaking and improving our strategy allows us to tell our story in the most innovative and efficient way possible.


I was born and raised in Bexley, Ohio, a small suburb just minutes from downtown Columbus. My family owns the oldest stone company in America, Lang Stone Company. Being involved with a family business has taught me the value of hard work as well as the importance of a good product and customer service. After graduating from Bexley High School, I attended DePauw University in Greencastle, IN where I majored in English Literature and Religious Studies. While at DePauw I hosted a weekly radio show on WGRE 91.5 FM, joined Kappa Kappa Gamma, and worked at the office of admissions. Upon receiving my Bachelor of Arts, I moved back to Columbus to pursue a career in marketing, specifically social media marketing. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and attempting to garden. I am also a huge sports fan and a devout Ohio State Buckeye.

FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA SITE: I love Pinterest! Users have the best ideas. It’s the place I go for inspiration and motivation.

FAVORITE NEWS SOURCE: Mashable.com. They have very informative and easy-to-understand articles on everything from technology to Apple to business to social media. For someone who is in this field, this website is a must read everyday!

FAVORITE PERSON TO FOLLOW ON TWITTER: @adage. It’s another great resource for anyone in this industry plus it covers a wide range of topics in marketing and public relations.

FAVORITE BRAND: I am slightly biased, but I am so impressed with Go Red for Women. They have a very recognizable brand, but more importantly they are able to educate and to influence people unlike any other brands I have seen. They also do a wonderful job of communicating their marketing goals and their key messages to everyone involved in the American Heart Association.

FAVORITE YouTube CHANNEL: FoodNetworkTV. I am a big foodie, so I have to get my fix of this YouTube channel.

FAVORITE TUMBLR: When I need a good laugh I go to http://dancingdads.tumblr.com/. It reminds me of my father’s family. Whenever we get altogether, we have a massive dance party, and the adults dance moves are always the best!

FAVORITE BLOG: I love http://www.classygirlswearpearls.com/. Sarah always puts together creative and classy outfits plus her photographs are tasteful yet creative.

FAVORITE iPhone APP: Nike Training Camp is a great app for anyone who likes to keep in shape. I am blown away by how challenging the workouts are.


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