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Thursday: the Best of YouTube

13 Sep

ESPN does a great job of getting people to talk. Sure, they have quality programming and reporting. But they really get people talking with their advertising and marketing. This week’s YouTube sensation is a prime example of how their smart, clever, and humorous advertising grabs people’s attention. They have a strong understanding of their brand, their voice, and their audience. Year after year, they roll out marketing elements and advertisements that stick to their brand and voice but also entertain and please their audience. More companies should follow suit!

The latest “This is Sportscenter” commerical is another hit for ESPN. Their smart yet fun marketing strategy continues to promote the brand and to ensure that the sports giant remains at the forefront of the sports world and of pop culture.

What do you think of ESPN’s advertisements? How would you assess their marketing strategy?


Thursday: the Best of YouTube

9 Aug

You all are in luck! I have two videos for you tonight. I know that last week was devoted to the Olympics, but I couldn’t help but share these two Olympic-related videos.

My friend told me about this YouTube video, and I had to share with you all. This is why the world needs publicists.

Ryan Lochte and his interview skills. The younger generation seems to adore him while the older generations just shake their heads.

What do you think about Ryan Lochte? What interview advice would you give him?

This second video is not from YouTube, but I loved the message of it. I saw this news piece earlier this week on NBC Nightly News. As a woman and a sports fan, I was overcome with pride and joy. Women, particularly female athletes, have worked so hard to create a positive image for women, one that combines athleticism, confidence, intelligence, success and beauty. This video is proof that we’ve finally achieved it. It seems very fitting to share it on the same day that the USA Women’s Soccer team won gold.

The amazing impact of the 2012 female Olympians will be felt for generations to come.

What are your thoughts on the new female image? Do you agree that the 2012 Olympics have helped change the view of women?

Thursday: the Best of YouTube

2 Aug

I’ve featured YouTube videos of “Call Me Maybe” before, but this version has a nice patriotic twist to it. By now you maybe have heard, but the USA Olympic swim team made their own “Call Me Maybe” video. While it is not as well coordinated as the Harvard baseball team’s YouTube sensation, it’s clear that these swimmers have more than just athletic talent. While there has been controversy about Olympians use of social media, social media has granted us a unique opportunity. More than ever before, we are able to get to know these athletes, the people who are representing our country to millions and millions of people, on a personal basis. So many of them, who otherwise would have been overlooked, are now household names thanks to Twitter and YouTube. We know their thoughts, their personalities, and of course, that they want us to call them…well, maybe.

Somehow I don’t think these swimmers have to ask anyone to call them.

What do you think of social media’s ability to give us insight into the personality of these international celebrities?

Thursday: the Best of YouTube

19 Jul

Sorry for the quick post tonight, but I am in the middle of packing. Anyway, I saw this video on NBC Nightly News last night. I love dogs, and so this video hit home. I wish there were more videos of people helping people and doing the right thing. Hope you enjoy the video, and if you are a dog lover, be prepared to tear up.

Warning: this video will make you cry

What are your favorite heartwarming videos?

Thursday: the Best of YouTube

12 Jul

What do you get when you combine this summer’s biggest hit with this summer’s most talked about political figure? You get today’s best of YouTube!

Hey President Obama! Call Me Maybe?

What do you think of YouTube videos like this? Do they help or hurt a candidate’s image?

Thursday: the Best of YouTube

28 Jun

I am not an athlete. I try. I play tennis. I run. I do the workouts on the Nike Training Club app. But I am not an athlete. However, I am a huge sports fan. In sixth grade, I had a crush on a boy, Austin. He was your typical six grade boy: played soccer, loved football, wore a jersey everyday. Since I had no athletic ability, I needed another way to grab his attention. So I become a sports expert. If I couldn’t play sports with him, then I would talk sports with him. It worked…well, kinda. I got his attention, but my crush soon wore off. Still, I am thankful for my sixth grade crush. While my father and mother had tried to get me to enjoy sports, it was not until Austin did I discover my love for the sports world. It is a world that has become a major part of my life. Even at age 22, I fall asleep listening to ESPN radio. Even as an adult, I cry when my team loses a big game. Even as a college graduate, I carry out rituals to ensure a win. I am a sports fanatic.

With my parents at an Ohio State football game this past fall. My father is one of a number of relatives who graduated from The Ohio State University. Additionally, his father, Bill First, played for the famous Woody Hayes at Miami (OH) University. I guess you could say I was born to be a Buckeye!

Yet, I wonder if my love for the sports world would have been possible before 1972. Before 1972, women’s involvement in sports was fairly rare. Women athletes were not prominent. Female sports journalist almost non-existent. Sports were for men, not for women. That all changed on June 23, 1972. On that day 30 years ago, Title IX went into effect. Sports became an even playing field for men and women. As a woman born in 1990, I am spoiled. I do not know the struggle it was to get Title IX passed nor do I know the struggle it was in its early years to gain respect. I have always known women to be apart of the sports world. Recently, as the 30th anniversary of Title IX was being celebrated, I was reminded of the women who endured that battle. It is socially acceptable for me to love sports because of them. I get to cheer on female athletes everyday because of them. I read sports columns from female sports writers because of them. To those women, thank you!

I was lucky enough to be apart of WGRE 91.5 FM broadcast team for the 116th Monon Bell Classic. The Monon Bell Classic pits my alma mater, DePauw University, against our arch rival, Wabash College. The winner of the game receives the prized Monon Bell. To read more about the rivalry, visit

In honor of those women, Nike released this commercial, entitled “Voices.” When I saw it last week while watching SportsCenter, a few tears came to my eyes. It is a fitting tribute to the female pioneers of Title IX and women’s presence in sports. I applaud Nike for the commercial’s creativity and authenticity. Nicely done!

In honor of the 30th anniversary of Title IX, Nike produced this commercial, entitled “Voices.”

What was your reaction to the commercial? Feel free to share any other ads of videos that celebrated 30 years of Title IX.

Thursday: the Best of YouTube

21 Jun

Hard to believe, but one month ago I graduated from DePauw University. Although commencement weekend was filled with good-byes, it was also one of my favorite weekends at DePauw. DePauw pulled out all the stops for us. We had a beautiful baccalaureate service, where our President, President Brian Casey, gave an emotional and very personal address to my class. That evening DePauw hosted its signature event, DePauw Under the Stars. The lawn in front of East College, the iconic building on our campus, was covered in lights. Additionally, tables and a dance floor were step up and our student jazz band performed until late into the night. On Sunday morning my classmates and I walked through the college gates to our seats underneath the college crest. The scene was picturesque. Our commencement speaker, James B. Stewart, gave us wise words of advice: to always do what we are passionate about and to recognize the defining moments in our lives. We shook hands with President Casey, took photos with our diploma, and sang the alma mater. Most of it was a blur, but in those moments I felt so connected to DePauw. My pride, joy, and love I for the university grew leaps and bounds. That’s why I loved commencement weekend. On Sunday, as my family left me to finish packing up my room, they all raved about DePauw. They were beyond impressed and said that I had made an outstanding college choice. Yes, yes I did. While I miss campus, my friends, and my professors, I am happy to say that I am an alumna of DePauw University.

DePauw University’s 173 Commencement Exercises

Now that it is the end of June, graduation season is coming to a close. In honor of all the members of the Class of 2012, here are the “Top 10 Commencement Videos of 2012.” There are many good ones on this list, yet my favorite is Jane Lynch’s commencement speech at Smith College. Lynch is the right mix of inspirational, personable, and humorous. Maybe she can speak at my next graduation?

Which one is your favorite? What are your memories of your commencement weekend?