Monday: Headlines

27 Aug

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Lots of headlines for you, including several about Apple vs. Samsung

Apple vs. Samsung Head Juror: ‘Evidence Was Overwhelming’

The jurors found Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple’s patents. Interesting to hear the head juror’s inside perspective. Can you imagine hearing this case? How would you handle it?

These Apple Products Have Samsung Parts

The article begs the question: in our world, is there anything that is “original?”

Apple vs. Samsung Continued: Why This War Is Far From Over

The technology giants will continue to battle it out. Both want to make money. Both want to be on the cutting edge. It’s the nature of our capitalistic society. The battle will continue. On a positive note, we, the consumers, will reap the benefits of their war. We will receive better prices and better products as they two compete for the top spot in the technology industry.

In other news:

Twitter removes ability to see what app a user tweeted with

I am fine with this move. I understand that it was free advertising for apps, but I found it annoying – too much information. The only information I really care about is the information contained in the Tweet. I will be curious to see if it effects apps, such as HootSuite or TweetDeck, and their popularity among users.

Meet Facebook’s Oldest User

Who says social media is only for young people? Social media brings generations together. Social media has no age limit, and that’s fine with me! The more people using social media, the more people I get to interact with and learn from. Florence, friend me!


What headlines caught your attention today?


Wednesday: Happy Pinning!

22 Aug

Girls night on Friday! My friend is making a salmon recipe she found on Pinterest. So I need a delicious Pinterest side dish to accompany the main attraction. I picked a few pins from my favorite Pinterest board, “Favorite Recipes.”

Couscous Salad

Grilled Focaccia

Spicy Sichuan Style Green Beans

Broccoli Salad with Feta Dressing

Goat Cheese Tart


Which do you think I should make? What are your favorite Pinterest recipes?

Check out more of my favorite recipes on Pinterest, and follow me on Instagram to follow my food adventures.

Tuesday: Tumblr

21 Aug

Quick post for you all. I found this Tumblr through a fellow DePauw grad. A good mix of images, but I was particularly drawn to it because of the quotes. Bonus: clever name! Hope you enjoy it!

Check out “Sharing from Afar” for quality quotes and a few other surprises.

Monday: Headlines

20 Aug

Hi all! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Sorry for the lack of posts Thursday and Friday. My younger sister is leaving for her sophomore year of college, so most of my time has been spent with her. Have to get in some sisterly bonding before she leaves! Alright enough with the family updates. Facebook has made lots of news today, so all of today’s headlines involve the company.

Facebook’s stock slides; Zuckerberg’s leadership questioned

The reports are nothing new. But today the stock fell to its lowest. Do you think the stock will rebound?

Peter Thiel Sells Almost All His Facebook Stock 

One of the earliest investors of the company unloads the majority of his Facebook stock. The news comes on the heels of Facebook’s share hitting a low of $19.69. Does this news scare you from investing in Facebook?

Facebook’s Instagram Acquisition Now Only Worth $735 Million  

The acquisition of Instagram made huge headlines several months ago, but now Facebook’s ownership is less than notable. What will happen with Instagram? How Facebook ruined it?

After reading these headlines, what do you think should happen with Zuckerberg? Should he stay CEO?

Wednesday: Happy Pinning!

15 Aug

For as long as I can remember, the month of August has marked the beginning of the new school year. The weeks leading up to the first day were filled with shopping, checklists, and the last of the summer sleepovers. But this year I am not experiencing the back-to-school rush. For now I am done with school. I never thought I would miss packing for college. I never thought I would miss getting up early for school. I never thought I would miss reading great novels. However, now that I don’t have school in my life, I find myself nostalgic for the old school days. I am loving post-grad life, but I wish I could go back and experience the moments in the classroom one more time. I would definitely enjoy it and appreciate it more. Maybe one day I will return to school. Until then, I hope everyone enjoys the new school year. Best of luck and enjoy every minute because, like all the great things in life, it is over all too soon.

Here’s my back-to-school board:

Here’s some of my favorite back-to-school boards:

What are your favorite back-to-school pins?

Tuesday: Tumblr

14 Aug

How does the media use social media? Check out The Columbus Dispatch and their Tumblr page. I was very impressed with the artistic photos. It really draws you into the story and gets you curious about the details. From what I’ve seen so far, I’ve been very impressed with how The Columbus Dispatch uses social media to capture the attention of readers.

See for yourself:

What’s your local paper doing to catch your attention? How are they using social media?

Monday: Headlines

13 Aug

I volunteered to write an article for my sorority’s magazine, but I’m having major writer’s block! Any suggestions? While you think of some, here are today’s headlines.

Google to cut 4,000 jobs at Motorola

The Internet giant is trying to make the cell phone producer profitable again. What do you think of Google’s operation of Motorola? Can they save the company?

Olympics Generated 150 Million Tweets

Some of you may disagree, but I am sad to see the Olympics end. However, the 2012 London Olympics leave behind some amazing statistics, including this outstanding Twitter statistic: 150 million tweets! Did you send one of these tweets? What does this statistic tell us about the universal appeal of the Olympics?

What Type of Social Media Personality Are You?

Another great infographic from! I love the combination of personality tests with social media. It tells us a lot about our society and our fellow citizens. What was your personality type? Do you agree or disagree?


Alright I am headed back to my article. Feel free to share any additional Monday headlines…it will provide me an good distraction.