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American Heart Association of Central Ohio

American Heart Association is a national organization whose “mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. That single purpose drives all we do. The need for our work is beyond question.” As an intern for the American Heart Association of Central Ohio, I wanted to provide our social media fans with more educational and informational content, which is a major goal of the organization as a whole. In order to increase our social media content, I produced several messaging calendars, including a messaging calendar to promote the 2011 Central Ohio Heart Walk and the 2012 Go Red for Women Luncheon. Articles and event information was pulled from the local affiliate’s website as well as the national organization’s website. To capture social media users’ attention, I wrote creative and memorable Facebook status’ and Tweets. The increase in social media posts and content allowed the organization to increase their interaction with fans and followers as well as to increase the number of Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Since completing my summer internship, I have continued to volunteer with the organization and manage their social media accounts.

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American Heart Association of Central Ohio – News Release

American Heart Association of Central Ohio – December E-Mail Message

American Heart Association of Central Ohio – Social Media Calendar

Lang Stone Company

Lang Stone Company is not only one of the oldest companies in Columbus, Ohio, but it is also the oldest stone company in America. The family run business “has Ohio’s best selection of stone, ranging from decorative gravels and aggregates, wall stone, flagstone, slab, marble and granite to dimensional stone. The company quarries, fabricates and distributes a full line of natural stone products from around the world and ships product to companies across the United States.” Lang Stone is always looking to gain new customers. In order to do so, I leveraged several different social media platforms. First, I created a business page on Facebook. The Facebook page provides basic information, such as the addresses of the two locations and hours, and photo albums of products and jobs. I continue to employ Facebook ads to drive potential customers to Lang Stone’s Facebook page and to Lang Stone’s company website. Recently, I have created a Twitter account, Pinterest account, and Houzz account. The Twitter account will allow Lang Stone to alert customers of new shipments and new products as soon as they arrive. Pinterest and Houzz, a social media site specifically for interior designers, landscapers, and architects, allow Lang Stone to feature photos of their products and of projects that use their products. Since its founding, Lang Stone has been committed to customer service. Effective use of social media gives Lang Stone another opportunity to reach out to customers and build relationships with customers.

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Leadership Columbus

Leadership Columbus is an organization local to Columbus, Ohio that aims “to develop informed and committed leaders through educational programs that empower participants with the skills, knowledge and other tools necessary to resolve the critical challenges and issues of its community.” Although Leadership Columbus had several social media accounts, they were rarely used. The Leadership Columbus staff had two goals: 1) in the short term, they wanted to raise awareness for their annual fundraising event, 2) in the long term, they wanted to increase communication with alumni of the organization. To achieve the first goal, I wrote a series of Twitter and Facebook posts to promote the event. I also teased the event on Facebook by adding photo albums featuring pictures from past years. Lastly, I created a Facebook event and reached out to Facebook fans, through Facebook messages, to encourage them to invite their friends. To achieve the long term goal, I produced a very broad social media calendar to help the staff understand how and when to use social media. For instance, in the spring all the social media messages would be about the educational programs and give information about how to apply to the program. Thus, they could use social media to increase the number of applications to the program. Secondly, I added quick links for all their social media accounts to their e-mail messages and suggested social media logos be added to all of their marketing materials. Thirdly, I designed an e-mail announcement to be sent to all alumni promoting Leadership Columbus’ social media accounts. I believe I helped Leadership Columbus gain a greater understanding of the benefits of social media.

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Leadership Columbus – Social Media Announcement


WGRE 91.5 FM Greencastle

WGRE 91.5 FM is the campus radio station for DePauw University. WGRE is run and operated by students 24 hours a day throughout the entire school year. WGRE has been consistently ranked in the top 5 college radio stations according to The Princeton Review. During my sophomore year, I had the privilege to serve as assistant sports director. I was responsible for scheduling talent for three weekly shows and any live broadcasts, for editing shows and broadcasts to be uploaded to the web, for writing sports beats, for cutting audio for sports updates and shows, and for supervising a staff of ten people. I also hosted and broadcasted for the department and DJed a weekly radio show. The hard work paid off as WGRE was named the Number 1 College Radio Station for 2009-2010.


WGRE 91.5 FM – Sports Beat

WGRE 91.5 FM – Show Script

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