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Monday: Headlines

10 Sep

I apologize for my absence! The last week has been crazy, but don’t worry I’ve got your Monday Headlines for you!

Several stories about hackers out there. I find these stories very disturbing. I have so much information online. I love social media, but I do worry about sharing too much or someone stealing my identity.

Exclusive: The real source of Apple device IDs leaked by Anonymous last week

GoDaddy says sites are down; hacker claims responsibility 

What are your concerns? Do you worry about hackers?

Another advancement in online shopping.

You’ll Soon Be Able to Buy Physical Goods via Amazon Apps

Finally, a story about the power of Facebook ads

Facebook Ad Reunites Man With His Cat

What headlines are you paying attention to today?


Monday: Headlines

27 Aug

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Lots of headlines for you, including several about Apple vs. Samsung

Apple vs. Samsung Head Juror: ‘Evidence Was Overwhelming’

The jurors found Samsung guilty of infringing on Apple’s patents. Interesting to hear the head juror’s inside perspective. Can you imagine hearing this case? How would you handle it?

These Apple Products Have Samsung Parts

The article begs the question: in our world, is there anything that is “original?”

Apple vs. Samsung Continued: Why This War Is Far From Over

The technology giants will continue to battle it out. Both want to make money. Both want to be on the cutting edge. It’s the nature of our capitalistic society. The battle will continue. On a positive note, we, the consumers, will reap the benefits of their war. We will receive better prices and better products as they two compete for the top spot in the technology industry.

In other news:

Twitter removes ability to see what app a user tweeted with

I am fine with this move. I understand that it was free advertising for apps, but I found it annoying – too much information. The only information I really care about is the information contained in the Tweet. I will be curious to see if it effects apps, such as HootSuite or TweetDeck, and their popularity among users.

Meet Facebook’s Oldest User

Who says social media is only for young people? Social media brings generations together. Social media has no age limit, and that’s fine with me! The more people using social media, the more people I get to interact with and learn from. Florence, friend me!


What headlines caught your attention today?

Monday: Headlines

6 Aug

Hope everyone had a great weekend! A quick note about the blog: I did not post this past Friday because I am waiting to do a double batch of “Friday: Favorite Tweets” in honor of two weeks of the Olympics. So make sure you stay tuned for that post. Now onto today’s headlines.

RIP YouTube iPhone App, 2007-2012 – Why You Won’t Be Missed

I have to slightly disagree. The YouTube app for iPhone made it very easy for me to upload videos. Although I do not upload many videos, I did like the ease and simplicity of the app. Now what will I do?

Mars Orbiter Captures Rover in Midair

Despite poor news for NASA in the past few years, space continues to capture our attention. Check out the amazing images and read about the incredibly impressive technology.

100+ Hot Jobs in Social Media, Tech and Digital Media

Social media, technology, and digital media continue to transform the job market, specifically jobs in the marketing, advertising, and communication fields. As employers and employees, its very important to keep track of these developments.

What Monday Headlines are you paying attention to?

Monday: Headlines

9 Jul

Before I get to the Monday headlines, I must first apologize for not posting last week. If you follow me on Twitter, than you know that I was without power for almost a week due to storms that came through Columbus, Ohio. Between living out of a suitcase, living with no power, and living with high temperatures, it was an interesting 4th of July week. However, we survived and still managed to celebrate our country. Now that we are back in our house and have power again I will resume my normal posting schedule. Hope you enjoy today’s headlines!

‘Internet doomsday’ impact minimal, service providers say

Many of you may have heard about this virus awhile back. Last night, the FBI shut down the servers that kept the virus from being active in infected computers. Many news outlets warned viewers and instructed them to go to a website and conduct a virus scan. I am sure many did exactly what I did – ignored the instructions. As Monday comes to a close, it appears the virus’ doomsday attempts were a flop.

Did your computer catch the virus? If not, did you run the virus scan? Were you nervous?

It’s official: Windows 8 is coming at the end of October

There have been some rumors about Windows 8 coming soon, but today Microsoft finally confirmed it. According to the video at the end of the article, Windows 8 is similar to the operating system and look of Windows phones. I have never used a Windows phone (I am a die hard iPhone fan); however, I do like the look of the system. It’s entertaining with the pictures, or tiles as the reporter calls them, changing with up-to-the-minute information. Windows 8 also appears to provide more personalization for the user, which was one of my biggest issues with Windows when I owned a PC. I felt that I could not customize my desktop and computers. Much of the touch screen technology seems to resemble the touch screen technology of Apple products. Lastly, apps draw information from your social sites. For example, the “people app,” or your contacts, is synched with Facebook. Again, this is similar to the Apple products. Perhaps my favorite feature of Windows 8 is the “share” button. It makes it much easier to share documents, pictures, etc. with contacts or with other programs. While I am now an Apple user, I am very curious about Windows 8. This article and video got my attention, and I cannot wait to hear and read the opinions when Windows 8 launches in the fall.

After watching the video, what’s your reaction to Windows 8?

MLB Gets Social With Home Run Derby, All Star Game

As I have mentioned before, I am a huge sports fan. All day I have listened to sports talk show hosts discuss and analyze the Midsummer Classic. Should MLB get rid of the All Star Game? How can the Home Run Derby be more appealing? Does home field advantage really matter in the end? Many people have opinions about how baseball can remain a top tier sport in the U.S. Unfortunately, baseball is traditionally slow to make any adjustments. However, they are becoming social. This article discusses baseball’s efforts to engage fans via social media. Social media and sports have an interesting relationship. There is much debate about how much social media should be used in the sports world. For instance, fans want players to Tweet live during games; yet, the governing bodies, like the NFL commissioner, do not want players distracted or sharing such information. The discussion will continue. Maybe, over time, sports will warm to social media. For anyone who is in sports marketing, you should definitely read this article. Enjoy the Home Run Derby and All Star Game. GO TRIBE!

Will you participate in MLB’s social media efforts? Will these effort be effective?

Breaking News: More Google on Your iPhone

28 Jun

According to Wired, “you can synchronize files stored on your Chrome OS and iOS devices with GDrive.” The news is great for Google users who also own an iPhone. For people like me, this means simplification! Read the full article to get more details about this exciting news.¬†

How do you think Apple will react? Does this give Google an edge?