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Wednesday: Happy Pinning!

15 Aug

For as long as I can remember, the month of August has marked the beginning of the new school year. The weeks leading up to the first day were filled with shopping, checklists, and the last of the summer sleepovers. But this year I am not experiencing the back-to-school rush. For now I am done with school. I never thought I would miss packing for college. I never thought I would miss getting up early for school. I never thought I would miss reading great novels. However, now that I don’t have school in my life, I find myself nostalgic for the old school days. I am loving post-grad life, but I wish I could go back and experience the moments in the classroom one more time. I would definitely enjoy it and appreciate it more. Maybe one day I will return to school. Until then, I hope everyone enjoys the new school year. Best of luck and enjoy every minute because, like all the great things in life, it is over all too soon.

Here’s my back-to-school board:

Here’s some of my favorite back-to-school boards:

What are your favorite back-to-school pins?