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Wednesday: Happy Pinning!

18 Jul

Pinterest solves a lot of life’s issues. What should I make for dinner? Pinterest to the rescue! How should I decorate my living room? Pinterest to the rescue! What should I wear to work today? Pinterest to the rescue! Yes, Pinterest is a life-saver. This past winter they saved me by helping me come up with a gift. My boyfriend’s parents have a wonderful lake house. Over the last few years, I have spent a great deal of time at the house. It is a place they love, and a place I have come to love. Thus, I try to get them a gift for the lake every year. Last Christmas, I was having a terrible time coming up with a lake-related gift. But Pinterest came to my rescue. I came across a sign for a lake house (sorry I cannot find the original posting). It had the lake’s name with the coordinates underneath it. It was the perfect gift! After lots of shopping, painting, and hammering, the sign was finished. My boyfriend was very impressed with the finished product (He was most impressed with the fact that I used power tools). This summer when I visited the lake I was pleased to find the sign mounted on the back deck for everyone to see. Thank you, Pinterest, for the stroke of inspiration! You earned me a great deal of brownie points.

From Pinterespiration to finished product.

What crafts have you found on Pinterest? How have these crafts rescued you?