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Tuesday: Tumblr

26 Jun

I have succumb to another social media site. Yes, I know. I should really stop signing up for social media sites. But I can’t help it! I have an addiction! This time it is Tumblr. Last week I gave a brief overview of the social media site, and today I officially signed up for it. I am not sure if I will start my own Tumblr; however, I am looking forward to exploring the site even more. More importantly, you all will reap the benefits of my addiction as I will be sharing my new finds with you.

Really, my boredom is to blame for me signing up for yet another social media site. After finishing up some work, I decided to take a break. I began watching BravoTV, only to realize that I had already seen the episode. I picked up my phone to check my Twitter feed. Someone had shared a Tumblr picture. I started looking through Tumblr’s mobile website. I soon became frustrated trying to navigate Tumblr on Safair, so I opened the App Store and downloaded the Tumblr app. Once the app was loaded, I began browsing the pictures on the homepage. As I scrolled through the photos, a neon pink ice cream cone caught my eye. My sweet tooth took over, and I clicked on the photo. My taste buds began to water as all of the photos from “-looksdelicious!” came on the screen.

The Tumblr blog “-looksdelicious!” features colorful photographs of delectable food. Be warned! After viewing this blog, your stomach is sure to be grumbling!

“-looksdelicious” features pictures of various yummy foods. For a foodie like me, this is a great find! While the images do not come with recipes, cooks can gain inspiration from the pictures. For example, one of the photos shows a twist on an Oreo cookie sandwich: two oreo cookies with pink (perhaps cherry or strawberry) frosting in between them. Additionally, the pictures showcase different ways to plate food. One photo shows chocolate dipped pretzels hanging from a necklace stand. This is a big bonus for amateur chefs who are looking for creative ways to present their dishes. Ultimately, this blog is about showcasing artistic photographs of food. If you enjoy experimenting with food or tasting new foods, you need to check out “-looksdelicious!” Although if you are on a diet or if you have an empty stomach, I would steer clear – this blog will only make your mouth water! Happy Tumbling!

Which is your favorite photo from “-looksdelicious!”?