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Tuesday: Tumblr

10 Jul

As I mentioned in my very first “Tuesday: Tumblr” post, I am a novice Tumblr user. But I am not alone. Tumblr is still very new to most people, and thus, we are learning about the social media site together. Therefore, I decided to share two useful articles regarding Tumblr.

The first article, “Tumblr Slang, Explained,” gives us an inside view into the world of Tumblr. The terms and their definitions are also somewhat humorous. For those of us still learning about Tumblr, this article will provide information about the appropriate terminology for the site as well as provide insight into the Tumblr community.

The next article is also from Mashable.com. “Should Your Small Business Join Tumblr?” helps social media managers and business owners way their options. Writer Christine Erickson does a wonderful job of providing pros and cons. It’s a good guide for those contemplating putting their business on Tumblr. Remember, just because a social media site is popular it does not mean your company should be on it. Articles like this one will help you decide where to invest your time when it comes to social media marketing.

I hope you find these articles helpful as you continue to learn more about Tumblr.

Will your company join Tumblr? How do you think Tumblr can assist your company in meeting its marketing goals?


Wednesday: Happy Pinning!

27 Jun

Pinterest is still fairly new for social media marketers. Marketers are still trying to figure out if their business should be on Pinterest and if so, how they can use Pinterest to market their company. Just this week, Mashable.com published an infographic to describe who is on Pinterest. The data comes from Modea, a digital media agency. The infograph as well as the data could help marketers better understand Pinterest and better understand its users.

The infographic displays detailed information about Pinterest users. To view the complete article, “Who’s Using Pinterest Anyway,” click the graphic.

As a lover of Pinterest, I was intrigued. I wanted to see if the data applied to me. Most of the information does apply. I shop at Kroger, my cell phone provider is Verizon, and I prefer to watch football. However, it should not be surprising that most of the data applies to me. Pinterest is extremely popular among my demographic: college age, females. While I found many of the details of the infograph interesting, I do not think it is all that shocking. This information should be fairly obvious to marketers. Just look at the pins and who is using the pins. There are ton of pins for recipes, DIY, home decor, and fashion – all popular topics among females. If marketers want to use Pinterest, they do need to know its users. Yet, they should be prepared to market mostly to females, many of whom are college age and up. Personally, I think many companies should be on Pinterest. If your business is not, use this data to start learning more about its users. And, as I said before, get ready to market to females.

What are your thoughts on the infographic? Do you agree that much of the data describes females, specifically college age females? As a business owner or a marketer, how do you use Pinterest to meet your business goals?

Wednesday: Happy Pinning!

20 Jun

The Lilly Pulitzer accessories I wore today as part of National Wear Lilly Day. Find other great products and fashion tips on Lilly Pulitzer’s Pinterest boards.

I love Wednesdays! Not only is the week halfway over, but it’s also my day to share with you my favorite items from Pinterest. In honor of National Wear Lilly Day, I will be showcasing one of my all-time favorite brands, Lilly Pulitzer. As a member of a very preppy family, I have grown up with the brand. The company produces creative, beautiful, and high quality clothing, accessories, and now home furnishings. But what is most impressive to me is how Lilly has become a social company. Everyday I see their Facebook posts, their Tweets, and of course their pins. They do a great job of reminding their social media users of their company. Additionally, they have an amazing ability to engage and interact with their customers. For example, today they are having customers share their photographs on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. As of 3 pm today, they had over 700 likes between their two photos for the day and over 100 shares. Plus I have seen dozens and dozens of women sharing their photos. Companies should take a note about Lilly’s social media marketing.

Out of all their social media accounts, their Pinterest account is my favorite. They have the perfect product for Pinterest marketing. Their pictures are colorful, eye-catching, and fun. Pinterest allows Lilly to show off their products while also promoting the sale of their products. But their boards dont’ stop there. Most of their pins are not even about their products. Most of them serve as inspiration boards for followers. I always look forwarding to viewing Lilly’s new pins. There are a lot of companies utilizing Pinterest, but Lilly is the only one I view on a day-to-day basis. I am excited to see what Lilly does next with social media.

Happy National Wear Lilly Day and Happy Pinning!

What do you think of Lilly Pulitzer’s Pinterest boards? What tips can you take away for your company by studying Lilly Pulitzer’s social media marketing?