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Thursday: the Best of YouTube

9 Aug

You all are in luck! I have two videos for you tonight. I know that last week was devoted to the Olympics, but I couldn’t help but share these two Olympic-related videos.

My friend told me about this YouTube video, and I had to share with you all. This is why the world needs publicists.

Ryan Lochte and his interview skills. The younger generation seems to adore him while the older generations just shake their heads.

What do you think about Ryan Lochte? What interview advice would you give him?

This second video is not from YouTube, but I loved the message of it. I saw this news piece earlier this week on NBC Nightly News. As a woman and a sports fan, I was overcome with pride and joy. Women,¬†particularly¬†female athletes, have worked so hard to create a positive image for women, one that combines athleticism, confidence, intelligence, success and beauty. This video is proof that we’ve finally achieved it. It seems very fitting to share it on the same day that the USA Women’s Soccer team won gold.

The amazing impact of the 2012 female Olympians will be felt for generations to come.

What are your thoughts on the new female image? Do you agree that the 2012 Olympics have helped change the view of women?