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Monday: Headlines

16 Jul

Hi all! I hope you survived Monday. I am limping to the finish line. I am preparing to go on vacation, so not only is it a short week, but it is an incredibly busy week. Don’t worry though. I will be blogging throughout the week to make sure you get all your social media news. Here’s your Monday Headlines courtesy of Mashable.com.

Marissa Mayer and Yahoo: Silicon Valley’s New Odd Couple?

When I saw that Marissa Mayer was jumping from Google to Yahoo, I immediately asked why? At this point, I think Google is much more successful and much more popular than Yahoo. Plus, Yahoo has had its share of drama recently, including “a revolving door of chief executives.” Insiders admit that the long-time Google employee was a “flight risk.” However, she has also been called “The Google Princess.” This again begs the question why leave? Only Mayer can answer that question. I am anxious to see what she can do for Yahoo, that is if she lasts longer than her predecessors. If she is indeed “a kindred spirit to Apple’s Steve Jobs,” then she will do amazing things. Time will tell what the move holds for Yahoo and Google. Personally, I’m rooting for Google. Sorry, Yahoo!

What do you think of Mayer’s move? Smart move? Bad move? What’s your prediction for Yahoo and Google?

Mircrosoft Office 15: A Touchscreen, 21st Century Upgrade

Speaking of Google and Apple, their old rival, Microsoft, is back at it. This time they are releasing Microsoft Office 15. Believe it or not Mircrosoft Office has been around since 1989. It has certainly come a long way. Although according to the review, many of the changes seem to be minor. Bing seems to be integrated more fully into the software. Overall, Emily Price says, “Office 15 is the same Office you’ve become accustomed to over the years.”

Have you tried Microsoft Office 15? Share your reviews.